March 23, 2017

Auto and Homeowners Insurance? Shop Regularly

by Chris Mullis, Ph.D.


It’s important to shop most of your insurance policies on a regular basis. We recommend yearly for auto and every two years for homeowners.

Insurance rates vary by hundreds of dollars or even thousands per a year among insurers for the same levels of coverage. Get quotes from several companies on a regular basis to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

There are two ways to get competitive quotes: one-by-one via telephone or multiple quotes at a single go online. The latter is faster but don’t go there if you’re not comfortable getting spam in your inbox. If you’re a telephone kind of person, call three of the big providers like Allstate, Progressive, USAA, GEICO, and State Farm. If you prefer online, try or

When you do your comparison shopping be sure its on an apple-to-apple basis — same level of coverage and save deductible. Also avoid asking for a new quote within 6 months of your last attempt. Insurers usually quote lower rates to “new” customers (i.e., those who haven’t asked for a quote in the last 6 months).

So, if you’ve never shopped your auto and homeowner’s insurance, or it’s been a while, don’t put it off any longer because you’re probably leaving money on the table.

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