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March 16, 2017

4 Weeks Until an Important Deadline

Here’s an important reminder if you have an individual retirement account (IRA) or are considering opening an IRA. 2016 contributions to IRAs can still be... Read More


March 9, 2017

How Does the Stock Market Work?

This cartoon highlights how your behavior as an investor strongly influences your success. Investor behaviors that likely contribute to reducing your returns include: The tendency... Read More


February 9, 2017

Putting Clients Second (!?!)

Although the following makes reference to politicians and political decisions, it’s not meant to be political.  The intent is to inform you and to help... Read More


February 2, 2017

Temperament over Intellect

Warren Buffett once said, “The most important quality for an investor is temperament not intellect.” Investors very often buy at high prices when the market... Read More


January 26, 2017

10 Life Lessons We Learn Too Late

A few years ago someone on Quora.com asked the question, “What are the lessons people most often learn too late in life?”  Jay Bazzinotti provided... Read More


January 12, 2017

Oh Baby! You’re Expensive

Many parents worry about saving for college, but don’t forget about the proceeding 17 years! Food, clothing, shelter, and other necessities will cost $233,610 for... Read More


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