The NORTHSTAR client

experience is a collaborative

approach to managing your money, for the rest of your life.


What’s Your WealthVision


As a fee-only, fiduciary advisor, our focus and highest priority is on your highest interests. Discovering who you are and what you want out of life is a critical first step toward ensuring that we manage your wealth accordingly. We set aside upfront time to explore your personal relationships, interests and dynamics; professional pursuits and succession-planning requirements; philanthropy and community interests; and your range of assets and liabilities, financial goals and challenges.


We build your plan and structure your financial affairs with an eye toward achieving and sustaining your desired lifestyle through the years – during earning and accumulation, and onward into a satisfying retirement. To optimize your experience, we integrate evidence-based investment management with organized advanced planning, with a “best of” approach that blends our own experience with select alliances to address any specialized needs you may face.


Even the best-laid plans are subject to change. Your personal goals change, calling for revised structure. The world spins and markets move, calling for disciplined portfolio rebalancing. Outside influences throw you curve balls to catch or avoid, calling for adept adaptations. The point isn’t to avoid making changes, but to make them deliberately and cost-effectively, guided by reason and resolve rather than rash reaction.

Transparent Fee Structure

 Solely Focused on Your Best Interests

Comprehensive Financial Planning.
There is an initial planning fee ranging from $1,900 to $3,800, depending on complexity, for creating your comprehensive financial roadmap.

On-Going Planning & Consultation.
There is a monthly retainer fee (typically $190) for implementation, on-going planning and investment consultation.

Asset Management.
For any of your portfolios that we manage directly, there is an annual asset management fee of 1.5% of assets under management for the first $1 million; 1.0% for the next $1 million, and 0.5% for >$2 million.
We specifically discuss and mutually agree upon all fees before starting our engagement with new client families. Gift certificates are available and make for a very meaningful gift.

We Specialize In…

  • Academic



    • Unbiased financial advice
    • Academic-based investment strategy
    • Integrating Social Security benefits
  • Medical



    • Fiduciary (Hippocratic-like) relationship
    • Balancing complex saving/spending goals
    • Outsourcing critical investment decisions
  • Professional



    • Optimizing pension and Social Security benefits
    • Coordinating account consolidation (multiple 401(k) plans, etc.)
    • Making your savings last through retirement
  • Business Owners

    Business Owners

    Business Owners

    • Simplifying complex wealth and retirement concerns
    • Consulting on lump sum investing of business proceeds
    • Separating Business and Investments

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