at NorthStar
we come together for you.



We place your greatest financial goals at the center of all that we do as your advisor. We hope that you, in turn, will fully commit to your relationship with us.

Coming together means participating in an ongoing conversation, keeping us abreast of changes in your life, heeding the advice we offer, and letting us know whenever you have questions or ideas to share.




Markets dip and surge. Your personal circumstances change and grow. The world never stops moving. Not to worry – your NorthStar plan helps you decide. It becomes your essential framework for organizing your assets, minimizing financial complexities and prioritizing your life’s varied interests.




Financial well-being isn’t just about tracking numbers in a spreadsheet. It’s about capitalizing on the opportunities and minimizing the obstacles you encounter along the way.

By connecting your money with all that it means to you, we free you to enjoy your personal and professional relationships, your interests and activities, your people and passions.

Why People Hire us


Organize Your Interests

Most families have accumulated a jumble of assets through the years while pursuing myriad life goals. We help put one and one together for you, converting your array of interests into a manageable whole.


Build Wealth &
Manage Transitions

Once we’ve helped you organize your life’s goals, sensible investment management becomes the engine for continued progress. Ongoing planning helps you navigate the complexities that come your way.


Prepare For Retirement

With our well-designed process and experience, we are your ally in preparing for and enjoying your retirement.


Address The Rest

Let’s face it: Life gets messy. Personal, professional, financial and family dynamics can collide in ways that the textbook planning hasn’t planned for. As questions and complexities arise, we offer experienced oversight to guide the way.


getting started is simple

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