Why People Hire Us:

Build Wealth & Manage Transitions

At NorthStar, your investment activities are driven by carefully considered strategy, which, in turn, is based on the empirical evidence on how capital markets have thrived over the years – and how you as an investor can expect to thrive along with them. By connecting our evidence-based investment strategy with your personal financial goals, we help you make confident decisions for your overall portfolio as well as individual investments.

Even in the face of the unexpected – good news or bad – we’re here to help. If you are moving through a life transition, most financial decisions need not – and should not – be made under duress. We’ll work with you to establish an environment of calm deliberation during:

  • Sudden changes in wealth (for better or worse)
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Birth or loss of a loved one
  • Career changes (whether welcomed or unexpected)
  • Other times of personal, professional or financial upheaval

Through good times as well as challenging circumstances, you can relax, knowing you’re making well-reasoned decisions that are in your and your family’s best financial interests.

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